At this stage in the build I was about ready to find a way to house my PS5 in my rack, and do some general decor. If you haven’t checked out Part 1 and part 2 yet, check them out first!

One of the main reasons for moving things into a rack in the first place was to clear all my tech - or as much as possible. Housing the PS5 would clear a fair bit of room from the surfaces in my den, they are not small things.

Hunting around I found that there was one commercially available PS5 shelf for AV racks but it was ridiculously over priced, so ultimately I decided that just putting it on a shelf in the rack was going to be the best bet.

I found a few rack shelves, but the one I went for was a simple 1U shelf with a depth of 250mm - enough for the PS5 to sit on.

It would certainly look a bit better with a proper fronting panel on it, but for my purposes this works just fine.

As you can see from the rear, it sits on the shelf nicely. Don’t worry about the cable management… I’ll deal with that later…


As you’ve probably seen from previous posts, I have some blanking panels installed to fill in the gaps that I have covered in stickers. Obviously this won’t be to everyones taste, but I love it.

Blanking panels are available all over the place in a variety of U heights, mine are all 1U so I can move things about without having to think about it too much. If you didn’t want to get stickers to decorate it, you could get vented blanking planels to switch up your air flow.

Packs of 50-100 stickers are available from your favourite online retailer in whatever themes you can imagine.

I also added a chocobo standing in the bottom of the rack as there was a very handy spot for it.

And with that, the rack is almost complete. I’ll cover networking in a completely separate post as that covers my whole house.

Please let me know if this has inspired you to move your own stuff into a server rack, and send me pictures if you go wild with the decoration!